Locatech Services Sarl has developed light solutions for precise analogue shallow water survey (up to 100m water depth) and Coastal studies.

The vessel is designed for inshore and high sea operation and can sail from its port of call to any port within the Gulf of Guinea.



This Locatech Services Sarl custom designed and built survey boat operates as a daily use unit. Its prime function is to survey Nearshore but because of his speed, it can operate as far as up to 30NM from the coast.

Immaculata conceptio can operate as stand-alone for daily use or off bigger ships or barges


Our Tools

Our solutions include and array of compact subsea and surface equipement, visual and acoustic imaging tools, and for precision flow and discharge measurement. Locatech Services Sarl offer light survey vessel to accommode various equipement for coastal and shallow water investigation.

Sonar Systems and Bathymetry Systems

  • Side scan sonar
  • Scanning sonar
  • Combined Systems
  • Single Beam echo sounder
  • Multi Beam echo sounder

Side scan sonar and bathymetry images can be used to check the location and integrity of the existing infrastructure over varied terrain. Using side scan sonar co-registered with bathymetry make it possible to view intricate details about the existing man-made structures and the bottom topography.

Shallow soil systems

  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Sparker & boomer
  • Grab sampler
  • Soil sampling corer

Oceanographic data collection devices

  • Current meters
  • Tide recorders
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs)
  • Conductivity Temperature and Depth measurements (CTDs)
  • Motion reference units

Object Location / Detection systems

  • Magnetometer
  • Pipe tracker

Rivers debris and bathymetry Survey

  • Bathymetric measurement pre- and post- crisis to determine the extent of changes caused and any impact on navigable channels
  • River Monitoring

Port & harbour

  • Bathymetry control of the access channel to the port and jetty
  • Pre-dredge debris and bathymetry survey of access channel and volume calculation
  • Post dredge debris and bathymetry survey to confirm the dredging channel
  • Dredge Monitoring of a channel
  • Bathymetry control the channel
  • Objet Location / Detection

Dams, embankments Bridge construction and repairs

  • Pre-engineering bathymetry for the DAM construction
  • Post-construction Bathymetry
  • Dam Inspection
  • Side scan sonar inspection of dams and embankments
  • Sub-bottom profiler inspection of sediment built up behind dams
  • Aggregate extraction surveys
  • Bridge Scour Monitoring

Offshore construction and marine environmental

  • Pre-engineering survey
  • Post-lay survey
  • Construction assistance
  • As-laid and as-built surveys
  • Shallow soil sampling
  • Regional surveys
  • Drill site surveys
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Search and Recovery

Sand search projects