Positioning and Offshore Construction Survey Support

One of Locatech Services Sarls main services is the accurate positioning of offshore construction vessels, dive support vessels, dredgers, barges, tugs and subsea equipment. Positioning is provided during survey, installation and construction works. Our services comprise but are not limited to the following activities:

Surface Positioning & Anchor Handling

Locatech Services Sarl has extensive experience providing marine construction contractors various different options for construction barge positioning including stand-alone vessel positioning and remote anchor management systems. Using high accuracy Differential GNSS positioning and heading systems installed on both the barge and anchor handling vessels, we provide a safe, reliable and cost effective solution.

Subsea Installation Survey Support

Locatech Services Sarl owns a range of acoustic tracking and measurement equipment that can be seamlessly integrated into the barge or installation vessel’s survey systems.
Combined together, Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) and Long Baseline (LBL) equipment provide a high accuracy solution for subsea positioning including ROV operations, diver-less metrology and spool piece design.

Pipe/Cable Laying Survey Support

Locatech Services Sarl construction survey support services include:

  • Pipe lay and Cable lay positioning and touchdown monitoring

  • Construction barge and support vessel positioning

  • Anchor handling support

  • Structure installation guidance

  • Acoustic underwater positioning

  • ROV survey sensors and system integrations

  • Jumper and Spool piece metrology

Dimensional control of subsea structures and onshore construction components

Locatech Services Sarl offers dimensional control and monitoring services, utilizing proven engineering survey techniques and modern survey equipment both onshore and offshore. Dimensional control applications services includes:

  • 3D critical dimension and angles

  • Construction assistance, Qualituy control

  • Photogrammetry

  • 3D laser scanner

  • Discrete measurement and 3D point cloud

ROV Positioning and Inspection Support

Using surface and subsea positioning equipment such as DGNSS and USBL, Locatech Services Sarl can provide a reliable solution for vehicle tracking and positioning.


ROV positioning

Pipelaying vessel positioning


Subsea Positioning

Subsea positioning


Surface positioning



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