Cohesion and Vitality: The Sporting Event by Locatech Services Sarl


In anticipation of Labor Day, Locatech Services Sarl brilliantly organized a sports morning session on April, the 27th 2024, within the company’s premises in Douala. This event marked their commitment to the health and well-being of the company’s staff. Almost all employees not engaged in ongoing projects participated, creating an opportunity to strengthen bonds and promote a dynamic and healthy corporate culture.

Event Preparation

The event was meticulously prepared to ensure participation and engagement from the entire staff. Locatech Services Sarl aimed to create an environment conducive to relaxation and team cohesion, where everyone could feel comfortable and motivated to participate regardless of their physical condition. The chosen activities were accessible to all fitness levels and encouraged interaction among employees. A team of dance and sports specialists was carefully selected for their expertise and ability to create a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere.

Progression of the Sports Morning

The morning began with a warm welcome for the employees, followed by a fifteen-minute fitness and physical conditioning session. This allowed everyone to release tension, prepare for the subsequent activities, and immerse themselves in the spirit of the event. The lively and supervised sports dance session then took over, featuring movements tailored to encourage participation from all. The dance was accompanied by the frenetic rhythm of drums and tambourines skillfully played by the musicians of the troupe. They incorporated popular chants and rhythms from various cultural backgrounds, and the refrains were echoed in chorus by these impromptu dancers, each discovering hidden talents among their peers.

Participation of the CEO and Top Management

The opening remarks by the CEO was a powerful moment, emphasizing the importance of employee’s health and well-being. By actively participating in the activities despite a busy schedule, the CEO set an example and encouraged employees to take care of their physical and mental health. This underscored that their well-being is essential for the company’s success. Additionally, the CEO himself gracefully demonstrated a few dance steps, instilling a sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie. These initial dance moves symbolized his personal commitment to the company’s values.

Sharing a Meal as a Family

After effort comes comfort. A shared meal has always been a privileged moment to strengthen social bonds. At the end of a good hour of exercise, the bouillon served within the family in the conference room transformed for the occasion into a friendly space was an opportunity for everyone to come together outside the formal work setting and discover each other in a different light. This meal was a moment of conviviality and sharing, reinforcing the sense of belonging to the large family of Locatech Services Sarl. A cheerful atmosphere testified to the success of this day.

Impact on Employee Morale

The employees’ reaction was extremely positive, with many emphasizing the importance of these moments of relaxation and sharing for their professional and personal balance. The physical exercises, adapted for all, not only improved participants’ physical fitness but also strengthened the bonds among colleagues. The nearly universal participation demonstrated the effectiveness of the event in creating a sense of unity. Post-event testimonials and reactions were unanimously positive, highlighting the positive impact of these activities on employee morale and their sense of belonging to the company. Additionally, employees expressed gratitude toward the company for this initiative. Many commented on how this experience improved their perception of the workplace and increased their motivation.

Conclusion and Future Perspectives

This day will remain etched in collective memory as an example of Locatech Services Sarl’s commitment to its employees. The company is already considering repeating the experience by incorporating these well-being moments into the corporate culture. Future perspectives include the introduction of regular well-being and personal development programs for employees.

Sample snapshots of the event

Ceremony for the presentation of work honor medals by His Excellency the Governor of the Littoral Region on Friday, October 29, 2021

African Order for SIG France

Christian Assouke placing the order during OI 2016.

Christian Assouke, from Locatech Services in Cameroon, is placing the order for a new SIG Pulse S1 sparker/boomer system. Locatech is working off the coasts of Western Africa, for platform positioning, pipe routes, and is constantly investing into new equipment in order to be in a good position to reply to the tenders without having the hassle to get the equipments coming over and delays in transit and customs.

Locatech has been renting the SIG energy sources from the former Mille generation and has come to OI 2016 to see the new series of SIG Pulse, with the new high voltage technology inside. No more big generator needed is an important argument.

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