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Locatech Services Sarl provides specialized technical personnel, vessels, high-level technical equipment and its achieved for more than 15 years of activity in the following domain:

  1. Geodesy and land survey

    Building Geodetic network

    spool pieces / jumpers Metrology

  2. Civil & Coastal Engineering

    Offshore Oil and Gas industry

    Dredging Industry

    Emergency Services

  3. Marine Geophysical Survey & Hydrography

    Offshore oil and Gas industry

    Dredging industry

    Emergency Services

    Bathymetric measurements

    • Enhance data for Wreck location and Wreck Monitoring
    • Routine Dredging Monitoring
    • Pre- and post- crisis check to determinate the extent of changes caused and any impact on navigable channels

    Side scan sonar in Disaster Response

    • Wreck location
    • Wreck Monitoring
    • Body location

    Environmental and seismic surveys

  4. Surface and Sub-Surface Positioning

    Offshore Oil and Gas industry

    Dredging Industry

    Emergency Services

Company profile

Locatech Services Sarl, is a Cameroonian private owned company, registered as a limited liability company.

Locatech Services Sarl was incorporate in 1997, Locatech Services had been operating as the local partner for survey companies such as Doris Survey France; Comex Marseille Stolt; Comex Seaway; Stolt offshore.

Since 2002, Locatech Services Sarl called off the partnership and started operating as an autonomous technical assistance company in offshore and allied companies for various projects in Cameroon, Nigeria Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Locatech Services Sarl can operate as a major contractor or as subcontractor for other survey or construction companies.

Presently, Locatech Services has developed a local content both for tools and human ressources and can cover all position in various Marine Geophysics and Hydrography as well as civil engineering projects.

With two strategic offices (Nigeria and Cameroon) Locatech Services Sarl operation covers all the gulf of Guinea

174Marine Geophysical Survey & Hydrography
299Civil & Coastal Engineering
150Geodesy and Land Survey
1100Surface and Sub-Surface positioning

Brief History of Our Company


Locatech Services

Incorporated in 1997, Based in Douala (Cameroon), Mother company with all facilities (storage – maintenance workshop – offices)


Locatech Geophy Services Ltd

Incorporated in 2009, Head Office in Port Harcourt (Nigeria), Affiliated company, Cover Niger delta and West Africa region